Culinary art

Kulinarische Vielfalt am Wiener Naschmarkt


The Naschmarkt is an institution of Vienna, who has a shopping opportunity for fruits, vegetables, cheese and other very tasteful treats from the whole world. Besides that, the amount of various restaurants where you can try the best dishes, increased the last years. The offer reaches from the fish restaurants over vegetarian treats to the point to Sushi and Israelite-oriental speciality. Of course the regional offer from the near Marchfeld and Vienna Basin is also represent.

Tradition der Wiener Gastlichkeit im Rathauskeller

Vienna Rathauskeller

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a wine tavern atmosphere or an elegant dinner, the cellar of our city hall have both. In the unique ambience will find consumption and tradition together. The Vienna cellar of the city hall opened 1899 and carries the name “Seat of tastefulness”. Try it once and enjoy the tradition of the Vienna conviviality.

Wiener Stadtbräu am Graben

Vienna Stadtbräu

Vienna charme and modern style connected in a restaurant? You will find this in the Vienna Stadtbräu based at the Vienna ditch. You will get delicious traditional dishes with a wonderful wine or a fresh tongued beer. You can enjoy this in the heart of Vienna. Bon Appetit!

Wiener Tafelspitz bei Plachutta

Plachutta – the beef experts

Beside the world’s famous Wiener Schnitzel is the Wiener Tafelspitz another speciality. You don’t have to miss this. The Family Plachutta guarantees quality with their various beef dishes for years.  The classic Wiener Tafelspitz is made of beef and will be cooked in his own soup. In the Plachutta he will be served in a copper pot. The sides of this meal are traditionally red cole, spinach, fried grated potatoes and wild chive sauce make the Wiener Tafelspitz as an kulinaric adventure.