Mit dem Segway durch Wien


Equilibrium instead of muscle power: the vehicle is controlled by the weight-shift and overturning is however prevented by a sensor. You can decide whether you want to undertake a private sightseeing or a group guided tour.

Fitnessstudio Holmes Place

Holmes Place gym

You want to keep an eye on your body even tho you are on holidays? Then you can visit the beautiful Holmes Place right beside the Börse. It is a gym of the top class with sauna and pool. Holmes Place is only 5 minutes away by feet and you can visit it only for one day as well.

Yoga Doktor

Yoga Doctor

The Yoga Doctor is also 5 minutes away. The studio offers you yoga lessons all day long. If you want to visit it only once, it is also a pleasure for them.

Joggen am Donaukanal

Running by the Danube channel or the city park

Fresh air, movement and exploring the landscape, then the perfect way to do this, are running alongside the danube canal or through the Stadtpark. Not only you will do something very good for your body, it is also a pleasure to run beside the danube canal where you can see many ducks and swans.
If you decide for running through the Stadtpark, it will give you an awesome feeling and you will admire the perfect kempt makings and trees.