Fun for children in Vienna

Museumsspaß für die kleinsten im Kindermuseum Zoom

Kids’ Museum Zoom

“Please do not touch” is like a motto in museums, but the Zoom Museum makes an exception. Young visitors can experience art with all their senses thanks to workshops, cinema projects and many other activities.

Rätselspaß im Schönbrunner Labyrinth

Schönbrunn Maze & Labyrinth

Besides the zoo, the wide park and the castle itself, Schönbrunn has something to offer to explorers and the enigma lovers. Playing hide and seek and searching tracks will be an unforgettable experience in the Heckenlabyrinth!

Baumeister im Kinder-Baggerpark werden

Kids excavator park

All the young and old architects can do their own thing on the 10,000 square meters piece of land. It starts off after a basic training. Tree trunks are shipped, sand hills are dug out and are filled up again somewhere else. On successful completion of the excavation course, a personal certificate is given as souvenir.

Indoorspielspaß im Bogi Park

Bogi Park

If the weather does not cooperate all of a sudden, then you can take refuge in the BOGI Park indoor playground. The little ones can play here to their heart’s content. Climbing volcano, ball pit, bouncy castle, quad bike, face painting and even hairstyling for kids are just a small part of the extensive offer.