Sightseeing & attractions in Vienna

Kunsthistorisches und naturhistorisches Museum in Wien

Art-historical and nature-historical museum

The two museums are located on the famous Ringstrasse and are a MUST for every visitor. The buildings as the exhibitions are worth to see. In the natural historical museum are many different exhibits from all over the world. We have to mark the 29.500 statue of Venus of Willendorf who will be inside the museum. The little guests love the dinosaur room the most.

In the culture historical museum you are going to find at first works of the artists Rembrandt, Rubens, Tizian, Dürer and many more.  The exhibits of the exhibitions range from the ancient to the 18th century.

Both museums offer consistently changing exhibitions with different key aspects besides their permanent exhibitions.

In both museums there are also special culinary offers like for example the asparagus week or just a typical brunch. A good advice from us is, to reserve a table in advance. In the months of July until August it is open daily for visitors. From September to May it is only closed on Mondays.

Reitkunst in höchster Vollendung in der spanischen Hofreitschule

Spanische Hofreitschule

Where horse riding becomes an art: visitors experience at gala performances the unique exhibitions of Lipizzan horses in the most beautiful hall of the world, planned by the famous baroque architect Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach.

Prunk und Pracht der Hofburg bestaunen


The glory and splendour of the Habsburg times lives on in the imperial apartments of the Hofburg building, where the emperor’s collections are exhibited. The Hofburg was inhabited until 1918 by the emperor’s family and is today the office of the Austrian Federal President.

Castle Schönbrunn

Einmal Sissi sein im Schloss Schönbrunn

Being princess Sissi- the dream of many young girls… Visiting the palace of Schönbrunn brings you a little bit closer to the dream. During the way to the Palace you will see the amazing park with beautiful Trees, flowers and fountains. In the inside of the Palace you go through the personal bedrooms of Sissi & his consorts. Besides Sissi, Empress Maria Theresa lived there with her 16 children. She stem from the family of the Habsburger and emboss the history of Austria with her politics of the wedding.  The famous sentence “ tu felix Austria – you happy Austria marry, the war will lead the others” came out of her mouth.

Right beside the palace is the big zoo of Schönbrunn. It is the oldest zoo of the whole world. The one-time foraging grounds were also supposed to be the summer residence of the Emperor. Today the zoo count as the world’s famous zoo, one reason is the specious-appropriate keeping of animals. The old and young people love the pandas.